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Sunday, December 18, 2016

One-Pot Jerk Chicken And Rice

One-Pot Jerk Chicken and Rice

Classic jerk chicken flavors in an easy-to-make one-pot meal!

1       cup jasmine rice
3       pounds chicken, drumsticks and breasts or thighs
4       scallions
4       cloves garlic
2       tablespoons fresh ginger
2-3    habanero peppers, seeded
2       tablespoons brown sugar
2       limes, juice only
1       tablespoon fresh thyme
2       teaspoons ground allspice
1/2    teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2    teaspoon salt
2      tablespoons soy sauce
1/4    cup canola oil
1/2    white onion, diced
2 1/2  cups chicken stock
4        bay leaves
Scallion, for garnish

Rinse rice in a mesh strainer with cold water. Set aside.

  • In a mini food processor, add scallions, garlic, ginger, habanero peppers, brown sugar, lime juice, thyme, allspice, nutmeg, and salt. Pulse until combined into a paste.
  • In a medium bowl, add the spice paste, soy sauce, oil, and chicken. Mix well and let sit for at least 30 minutes or overnight.
  • Heat a large skillet with high walls over medium-high heat. Add chicken pieces and let cook for 7-8 minutes until they start to brown. Turn chicken pieces and cook for another 4-5 minutes. Remove chicken from skillet and turn heat down to medium-low. It’s okay if the chicken isn’t cooked through at this point.
  • Add onions to the skillet and cook them for a few minutes, scraping up any bits stuck to the pan.
  • Add rinsed rice to the skillet along with chicken stock and stir to combine. Bring mixture to a slight simmer, turn heat down to low, and nestle chicken pieces back into the skillet along with bay leaves. Cover skillet and simmer for 20-25 minutes until rice is cooked and liquid is evaporated.
  • Check the skillet occasionally and if it is dry, add more stock.
  • Serve chicken and rice with fresh chopped scallions.
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Step By Step  

As prepared by Macheesmo,

A one-pot meal that brings some serious flavor!

Let’s get this out of the way right away: Authentic jerk chicken is almost impossible to replicate at home. It involves a very specific kind of grill and wood and is just one of those things. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t pay homage to the delicious traditionally Jamaican dish by bringing the flavors into the kitchen for a much quicker and more realistic one-pot chicken and rice dish!

Since we are taking some necessary shortcuts on the cooking, let’s not take shortcuts on the rub. I like to use fresh, real herbs and aromatics for my jerk rub. This means fresh peppers, garlic, ginger, scallions, thyme, and limes.

When dealing with the spicy peppers, remember to remove the seeds and stem and wash your hands well after you are done!

Jerk Chicken
Add these things to a small food processor along with allspice, nutmeg, sugar, and salt and process it until it’s in a coarse paste.

Jerk Chicken
Combine that spicy paste with the soy sauce and oil in medium bowl and coat the chicken well with the spice rub. Let this all marinate together for at least 30 minutes but overnight would be ideal.

Jerk Chicken
When you’re ready to cook, add the chicken to a large high-walled skillet over medium-high heat and brown the chicken on all sides for 7-8 minutes. The goal here isn’t to cook the chicken completely, but just give it some color.

Jerk Chicken
Then remove the chicken pieces and add the onion. Use the onion to scrape up any bits stuck to the pan. Then add the rice (rinse it first with cold water) and chicken stock. Stir that all together and bring the mixture to simmer.
Nestle the chicken pieces back in the skillet along with a few bay leaves. Turn the heat down to low, cover the skillet with a lid, and let it simmer for about 20 minutes until the rice is cooked.
Check the skillet occasionally and if it seems really dry, add more stock.
Serve the finished chicken and rice dish with fresh scallions. It’s just spicy enough to wake up your taste buds and it’s all in one pot so clean up is easy!
Jerk Chicken

Nick thinks you’d have to be a jerk to not share this jerk! Check out his blog, Macheesmo, and follow him on his Tablespoon profile.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Peach Hand Pies

Dessert is ready in 30 minutes with these Glazed Peach Hand Pies! The flaky crust and spicy cinnamon filling are the perfect combo in a hand pie, plus they’re baked not fried!

  • 2 boxes (14.1 oz each) refrigerated pie crust
  • 1 can (21 oz) peach pie filling
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 egg white, beaten
  1. Preheat oven to 425°F. Remove pie crusts from package and allow to come to room temperature while you prepare filling.
  2. Dump pie filling in a shallow bowl and dice peaches using a fork and knife (you want them to be small pieces). Add in cinnamon and mix until blended. Set aside.
  3. Unroll pie crusts and cut 6 circles from each crust using a 4-inch biscuit cutter. You may have to re-roll the scraps to get the 6th circle.
  4. Using a 1 tbsp cookie scoop, drop peach pie filling into center of each pie crust circle. Fold in half and pinch edges completely. Fold pinched edges over and press with the tines of a fork to seal. Poke hand pie with fork once, to prevent bursting.
  5. Beat egg white in a small bowl until frothy. Brush over the tops of each hand pie. Bake on a parchment paper lined baking sheet (1 inch apart) for about 15 minutes, until browned.
  6. While pies are baking, whisk together the powdered sugar and milk until smooth. Remove cooked pies from baking sheet and drop (while warm) into glaze, coating it completely. I use two forks to flip it in the glaze and remove carefully. Return to parchment paper and allow to set (about 5
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Sesame-Ginger Chicken Meatballs

These super quick, juicy little Asian-inspired meatballs are great wrapped in lettuce cups or served with steamed rice.


  • – Canola oil, for brushing
  • 1 lb ground chicken, preferably dark meat
  • 12 cup plain dry bread crumbs
  • 13 cup minced scallions, plus thinly sliced scallions for garnish
  • 3 Tbsp minced peeled fresh ginger
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 tsp toasted sesame oil
  • 2 tsp soy sauce
  • 14 tsp kosher salt
  • – Asian chile sauce, for serving 
  • Directions:

    Preheat the oven to 450° and brush a rimmed baking sheet with canola oil. In a large bowl, mix together the rest of the ingredients except the chile sauce. Form the mixture into 1 1/2 -inch balls and arrange on the baking sheet. Brush the meatballs with canola oil and bake for about 13 minutes, until browned and cooked through. Transfer the meatballs to a platter and serve with Asian chile sauce.


    Sunday, October 2, 2016

    Apple Bread


    This moist bread is a fresh alternative to banana bread and is perfect for breakfast.

    • Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease an 8"x4" pan.
    • In a bowl, mix the butter and sugar until smooth and creamy. Add egg and mix together.
    • In a separate bowl, add flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Add to the sugar mixture. Fold in the apples; pour into pan.
    • Bake 45 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool for 15 minutes, then remove from pan.

    Almond Crusted Chicken Breasts

    Almond Crusted Chicken Breasts

    This kid-friendly chicken also works well for an elegant meal.
    Prep: 10 minutes
    Cook: 15 minutes
    Total: 25 minutes



    Using your hands, lightly crush almonds into small pieces; set aside. Place chicken breasts between two sheets of plastic wrap. Pound the chicken lightly with a mallet or meat pounder. Season with salt and pepper. Dredge chicken in flour. Dip chicken in beaten egg. Press each chicken breast in almonds, covering chicken well. Place on buttered baking sheet. Bake at 425°F for 10-15 minutes, until chicken is just firm and almonds are golden. Internal temperature should be at 165. Meanwhile heat butter, lemon juice and basil in a skillet. Drizzle over cooked chicken breasts.

    Wednesday, September 21, 2016

    Sprinkle Cheesecake Ball


    Our favorite old-school appetizer gets the dessert treatment.

    Total Time:
    Level: Easy
    Yield: 12 servings

    • 16 oz. cream cheese, at room temperature
    • 1 stick butter, at room temperature
    • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
    • 1 c. powdered sugar
    • 2 tbsp. brown sugar
    • 1 1/2 c. rainbow sprinkles
    • Graham crackers, for serving
    • Teddy Grahams, for serving
    1. Combine first 5 ingredients in a medium bowl. Stir until smooth and evenly combined. Refrigerate 1 hour.
    2. Shape the mixture into a large ball, then roll in sprinkles to cover completely. Transfer to serving plate. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
    3. Serve with graham crackers and/or Teddy Grahams for dipping.

    Maple Walnut Bars

    Maple Walnut Bars

    The savory warmth from maple syrup is the key ingredient to these tasty Maple Walnut Bars. They're made with Duncan Hines Classic Yellow Cake Mix, so they're guaranteed a winner at bake sales, community events, and club gatherings. 
    • Hands-On Time: 15 Minutes
    • Total Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
    • Servings: 24 Bars
    • Difficulty: Super Simple
    • 1 package Duncan Hines® Classic Yellow Cake Mix
    • ⅓ cup butter or margarine, melted
    • 4 large eggs, divided
    • 1⅓ cups maple syrup
    • ⅓ cup firmly packed light brown sugar
    • ½ tsp. vanilla extract
    • 1 cup chopped walnuts
    1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease 13x9-inch baking pan. Reserve 2/3 cup dry cake mix.
    2. Combine remaining cake mix with butter and 1 egg until well blended. (Mixture will be crumbly.) Press into prepared pan.
    3. Bake 13 to 15 minutes or until golden brown. Cool completely on wire rack.
    4. Combine reserved cake mix, maple syrup, remaining 3 eggs, brown sugar and vanilla in large bowl. Beat with an electric mixer at medium speed 2 minutes. Pour over crust and sprinkle with walnuts.
    5. Bake 26 to 28 minutes or until filling is set. Cool completely on wire rack. Cut into bars.

    Strawberry Brownie Shortcake

    Strawberry Brownie Shortcake

    A modern twist on a traditional favorite calls for our Double Fudge Brownies as the base. Weave in layers of fresh strawberries, whipped cream and pudding and you've created a sweet masterpiece! Strawberry Brownie Shortcake is a terrific dessert for the whole family to enjoy. Shortcake never tasted so good! 
    • Hands-On Time: 20 Minutes
    • Total Time: 1 Hour
    • Servings: 12 slices
    • 1 package Duncan Hines® Double Fudge Decadent Brownie Mix
    • 1 (3.4 oz.) package vanilla instant pudding and pie filling
    • 1½ cups milk
    • 2 cups frozen whipped topping, thawed
    • 1½ cups sliced strawberries
    • 2 large eggs
    • 2 Tbsp. water
    • ⅓ cup vegetable oil
    1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease and flour two 9-inch round cake pans, then line them with parchment paper.
    2. Combine brownie mix with water, oil and eggs in large bowl with wooden spoon until blended. Pour into prepared pans.
    3. Bake 18 to 20 minutes or until toothpick inserted 1 inch from edge of pan comes out clean.
    4. Cool brownies on wire rack for 25 minutes. Remove brownies from pans and cool completely.
    5. Blend pudding mix and milk in large bowl. Chill 5 minutes. Fold in whipped topping. Chill until mixture thickens.
    6. Spread flat side of one brownie layer with half the pudding mixture. Arrange strawberry slices on top. Place second brownie layer over the strawberries and spread with remaining pudding mixture. Garnish, if desired, with whole strawberries.
    Snickerdoodle Truffles

    These five-ingredient truffles are a fun twist on a favorite holiday cookie.
    • 30 min prep time
    • 4 hr 15 min total time
    • 5 ingredients
    • 26 servings
    1        package (16 oz) Pillsbury™ Ready To Bake!™ refrigerated sugar cookies
    3        tablespoons sugar
    1 1/2  teaspoons ground cinnamon
    1       package (8 oz) cream cheese, cut into cubes
    10     oz vanilla-flavored candy coating (almond bark), chopped
    • 1. Heat oven to 350°F. Shape dough into 1-inch balls. In small bowl, mix half each of the sugar and cinnamon. Roll dough balls in cinnamon-sugar. On ungreased cookie sheet, place balls about 2 inches apart.
    • 2. Bake 10 to 14 minutes or until edges are golden brown. Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheet to cooling rack. Cool completely.
    • 3 . Line cookie sheet with cooking parchment paper. Place cookies in food processor. Cover; process until fine crumbs form. Add cream cheese. Cover; process, using on-and-off pulses, until mixture is smooth. Shape into 1-inch balls; place on cookie sheet. Refrigerate 3 hours.
    • 4. In microwavable bowl, microwave candy coating uncovered on Medium (50%) 1 minute, then in 15-second intervals, until melted; stir until smooth. In small bowl, mix remaining sugar and cinnamon. Dip chilled truffles in melted coating; tap off excess. Roll in cinnamon-sugar. Return to cookie sheet; let stand until set.

    Gelatin Pretzel Salad Dressed Up For Thanksgiving

    Gelatin Pretzel Salad Dressed Up for Thanksgiving

    Enjoy this creamy pretzel salad with cranberry-flavored gelatin - perfect for Thanksgiving side or dessert.
    • 20 min prep time
    • 10 hr 20 min total time
    • 11 ingredients
    • 16 servings
    2 1/2     cups pretzel sticks
    3          tablespoons packed brown sugar
    1/2       teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
    2/3       cup unsalted butter, melted
    2          cups boiling water
    2          packages (4-serving size each) cranberry-flavored gelatin
    1 1/4    to 1 1/2 cups cold water
    1         can (11 oz) mandarin orange segments, drained, juice reserved
    1         package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
    1        cup granulated sugar
    1       container (8 oz) frozen whipped topping, thawed
    • 1. Heat oven to 350°F. Spray 13x9-inch (3-quart) glass baking dish with cooking spray.
    • 2. Place pretzels in resealable food-storage plastic bag; smash with rolling pin or flat side of meat mallet until crushed. In medium bowl, mix crushed pretzels, brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice. Stir in butter. Press mixture onto bottom of baking dish. Bake 9 to 11 minutes or until set. Cool on cooling rack.
    • 3. Meanwhile, in large heatproof bowl, pour boiling water on gelatin; stir until gelatin is dissolved. Add enough cold water to reserved juice to equal 2 cups; stir into gelatin. Refrigerate until partially set, about 1 hour 45 minutes.
    • 4. In medium bowl, beat cream cheese and granulated sugar with electric mixer on medium speed until light and fluffy. Fold in whipped topping. Spread mixture evenly over pretzel crust.
    • 5. Finely chop mandarin orange segments; gently stir into partially set gelatin. Carefully pour over cream cheese layer. Refrigerate 8 hours or overnight. Cut into squares.

    Peach Melba Molded Salad

    Peach Melba Molded Salad

    Looking for a wonderful fruit dessert? Then enjoy this colorful gelatin based salad made with peaches and raspberries.
    • 20 min prep time
    • 8 hr 20 min total time
    • 8 ingredients
    • 10 servings

    • 1 
      In medium bowl, pour 1 cup boiling water over peach gelatin; stir until gelatin is dissolved. Add 3/4 cup ginger ale. Chill until slightly thickened, about 1 hour.
    • 2 
      Lightly brush 5-cup mold or 1 1/2-quart bowl with vegetable oil. Spoon 1 inch layer of peach gelatin into mold. Arrange peach slices over gelatin. Spoon remaining peach gelatin on top. Refrigerate until set but not firm, about 1 hour.
    • 3 
      In blender or food processor, place raspberries. Cover; blend on low speed 5 to 10 seconds or until smooth. Press through strainer to remove seeds. Add enough additional ginger ale to raspberries to measure 3/4 cup.
    • 4 
      Meanwhile, in medium bowl, pour 1 cup boiling water over raspberry gelatin; stir until gelatin is dissolved. Stir in raspberry mixture; let stand until room temperature, about 20 minutes. Spoon raspberry mixture over peach gelatin layer. Cover and refrigerate at least 6 hours but no longer than 24 hours.
    • 5 
      To unmold salad, quickly dip the mold, almost to the top, into warm (not hot) water for several seconds. Loosen edge of salad with tip of knife, then tip mold slightly to allow air in and to break vacuum. Rotate mold so all sides are loose. Place serving plate brushed lightly with water upside down on top of mold (the water will let you move gelatin on plate in case it doesn’t come out in the center.) Holding both mold and plate firmly, turn mold upside down and shake gently. Carefully lift mold off gelatin. If gelatin doesn’t come out, repeat steps. Refrigerate salad until serving. If using decorative bowl, do not unmold; scoop salad from bowl to serve.

    Crescent Turkey Shaped Veggie Platter

    Crescent Turkey Shaped Veggie Platter

    Charm your guests at Thanksgiving with this tasty turkey appetizer. Change up the veggies if you like!
    • 30 min prep time
    • 45 min total time
    • 7 ingredients
    • 16 servings

    1       can (8 oz) Pillsbury™ refrigerated crescent dinner rolls or 1 can (8 oz) Pillsbury™ refrigerated Crescent Dough Sheet
    1       container (8 oz) chives-and-onion cream cheese spread
    1       cucumber slice
    3/4    cup small cauliflower florets
    1/2    cup spring mix salad greens
    1/2    cup thinly sliced red and yellow bell peppers (1 1/2 inches long)
    1       ripe olive, sliced
    • 1  
      Heat oven to 375°F. Remove dough from can; do not unroll. Using serrated knife, cut roll into 20 slices.
    • 2  
      Place slices, cut side down, on ungreased cookie sheet to form turkey as follows: Place 9 slices in half-circle shape. Place 5 slices below that, then another 3, then 1 in center for head of turkey. Place 2 slices to form feet of turkey, about 1 inch from head; squeeze dough to elongate.
    • 3 
       Bake 10 to 13 minutes or until golden brown. Cool 1 minute; carefully loosen with pancake turner, and slide onto cooling rack to cool. Place on serving platter. Spread cream cheese spread over turkey.
    • 4  
      Top with cucumber slice for head, cauliflower florets, salad greens and sliced bell peppers. Add olive slices for eyes, cut yellow pepper beak and red pepper wattle for turkey. Cover and refrigerate until serving time. To serve, pull apart or cut into pieces.

    Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies

    Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies

    The trick to these easy treats? Refrigerated cookie dough, colored sugar, and a bit of pretzel.
    • 60 min prep time
    • 60 min total time
    • 5 ingredients
    • 28 servings

    1       roll (16.5 oz) Pillsbury™ refrigerated peanut butter cookies
    1       egg yolk
    1/2    cup all-purpose flour
    1/3    cup orange decorator sugar crystals
    14     twisted butter-flavor pretzel sticks, broken in half
    • 1 Heat oven to 350°F. Spray cookie sheets with cooking spray. In medium bowl, stir cookie dough, egg yolk and flour until well mixed.
    • 2 Pour sugar crystals into small bowl. Shape dough into 28 (1-inch) balls; roll in sugar crystals. Insert 1 pretzel piece into each ball for pumpkin stem. Using toothpick or tip of teaspoon, make lines around sides for pumpkin ridges. Place balls 2 inches apart on cookie sheets.
    • 3 Bake 9 to 11 minutes or just until set in center when touched with fingertip. Cool 2 minutes; remove from cookie sheets to cooling racks. Cool completely, about 10 minutes

    Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

    Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

    Keep little fingers busy decorating holiday refrigerated sugar cookies!
    • 20 min prep time
    • 60 min total time
    • 5 ingredients
    • 16 servings 
    1        roll (16.5 oz) Pillsbury™ refrigerated sugar cookies or 1 package (16 oz) Pillsbury™ Ready To Bake!™ refrigerated sugar cookies (24 cookies)
    1       container (16 oz) chocolate creamy frosting
            Candy corn
            Orange decorating icing
            Miniature candy-coated chocolate baking bits
    • 1 Bake cookies as directed on roll or package. Cool completely, about 10 minutes.
    • 2 Spoon chocolate frosting into 1-quart Ziploc® Brand storage bag; seal bag. Cut off tiny bottom corner of bag. On each cookie, pipe frosting on outer edge of half of cookie. Arrange candy corn over frosting for feathers.
    • 3 Pipe orange icing onto each cookie to resemble turkey face and feet. Use orange icing to attach baking bits to turkey face for eyes. Pipe black gel on baking bits for centers of eyes.

    Strawberry-Mascarpone-Hazelnut Chocolate Tart

    Strawberry-Mascarpone-Hazelnut Chocolate Tart

    It's a fancy-pants chocolate dessert with just 30 minutes prep - everyone wins! 

    Bake-Off® Contest 47, 2014
    Pamela Shank
    Parkersburg, West Virginia
    • 30 minutes prep time
    • 1 hr 55 min total time
    • 7 ingredients
    • 8 servings 

    1       roll Pillsbury™ refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough
    2       (8 oz) containers mascarpone cheese
    1/2    teaspoon Watkins™ Pure Vanilla Extract
    1       cup powdered sugar
    1/2    cup Jif® Chocolate Flavored Hazelnut Spread
    3       cups halved large strawberries (about 2 pints)
    1/4    cup white chocolate candy melts or coating wafers (1 1/2 oz) or 1/4 cup white vanilla baking chips

    • 1  
      Heat oven to 350° F. Press cookie dough evenly in bottom and 1 1/2-inches up side of ungreased 9-inch tart pan with removable bottom. Bake 15 to 25 minutes or until golden brown and edges are set. Cool completely in pan on cooling rack, about 1 hour.
    • 2 Meanwhile, in a large bowl, beat mascarpone cheese, vanilla and powdered sugar with electric mixer on medium speed, 2 minutes or until well blended; set aside.
    • 3 
      Reserve 2 teaspoons of the hazelnut spread. Spread remaining hazelnut spread evenly in bottom of cooled cookie crust. Spoon and carefully spread mascarpone mixture over hazelnut spread to within 1/4 inch from edge. Arrange strawberries over mascarpone.
    • 4  
      In small microwavable bowl, microwave reserved hazelnut spread uncovered on High 20 to 30 seconds or until drizzling consistency. Drizzle over strawberries. In another small microwavable bowl, microwave candy melts uncovered on High 30 to 60 seconds, stirring once or until drizzling consistency. Place melted candy melts in small resealable food-storage plastic bag. Cut off small corner of bag. Squeeze bag to drizzle melted candy melts over strawberries. Store in refrigerator.