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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Frankenstein's Monster Cake


Cake frosted with green buttercream
Decorating bag filled with chocolate fudge frosting
Wilton tips #47 (basket weave) and #3 (small round)
2 white candy melts
2 brown M&M's
1 green peanut M&M
1 mini Twix bar 


My favorite part of this cake is the hair!

I used a tub of pre-made frosting (gasp!) because the consistency is perfect for this.
(I added some black food coloring to make it darker.)
Using tip #47, start piping in the middle of the cake and move outward -
going over the edge and down the side a little. 
Make sure the serrated side of the tip is up.
Continue all the way around the cake, making the hair longer in back. 
Attach the brown M&M's to the candy melts with a dab of frosting, then press on to the cake.
Attach your green peanut M&M to the cake right under the eyes.
Using tip #3, pipe on a squiggly mouth and a scar.
Cut the Twix bar in half, and press into the sides of the cake to make neck bolts.

Check Out her website for more great recipes.You can also see a tutorial of this cake. Click Here


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