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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Homemade Butter

How to make Homemade Butter

Making your own healthy  Homemade Butter is so easy and you can jazz them up by making wonderful flavored versions. You are going to love the collection that we’ve put together!

You can buy your own Butter or you can make your own at home. You won’t believe that you can make your own delicious version with a single ingredient and 6 minutes in the Kitchen. We’ve included links to some great Blogs including making Butter in a Jar (the kids will love to try this) plus a collection of flavored butters that will complement all your favorite meals.

Kelly from ‘Just a Taste’ has created a video tutorial that goes for one minute. She steps you through the process and shows you just how easy it is. As she says if you have one ingredient and less than 5 minutes, you have homemade butter. Be sure that while you’re here, you scroll our page all the way to the end. We’ve included a delicious 4 ingredient Homemade Bread recipe that will go perfectly with your homemade butter.

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Watch Video


Watch Video


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